Cotton Padding

The natural option for all padding needs

Sustainable padding made from 100% cotton

Our highly heat resistant, liquid and shock absorbent cotton padding is an excellent choice for ironing presses, ironers, and sustainable innovations.

We are manufacturer of sustainable and highly durable 100% cotton padding material.

Our knitted padding - KCP - made from 100% cotton combines unique properties. It fits perfectly, highly absorbs pressure, and naturally restores to its original state. It provides long-lasting comfort and is extremely heat resistant, liquid absorbent, breathable, durable, and stretchable, making it much more durable than conventional cotton fleeces or waddings, and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Baumwolle für Baumwollpolster
shock absorbing
heat resistant
highly durable
raw material für cotton paddingKPC cotton padding productionhigh performance cotton padding

Varied applications

Best for ironing presses and ironers

Thanks to its excellent shock absorption properties, combined with absorbency and heat resistance, our padding is traditionally used for ironing machines, rotary and steam presses, as well as industrial ironers. The pressure from buttons and zippers is reliably absorbed, and the padding quickly recovers its original shape.

Interesting for innovations

Products made from our cotton padding are versatile and the market joyfully accepts innovations, especially when it comes to sustainable and fairly produced textiles. For example, our cotton padding can be sterilised numerous times, making it a reusable dressing material for large animals. Wherever naturalness, sustainability and a pleasant feel are required, our cotton padding is worth a look.

cotton padding for ironing machines
knitted cotton padding for ironing rolls
knitted cotton padding detail
cotton padding for laundry machines
Manufactured in Germany
cotton padding roll
Various weights and widths

We currently produce our knitted cotton padding in the following specifications:

  • 700 g/m2 - 145 cm wide - 40 m per roll
  • 1100 g/m2 - 147 cm wide - 30 m per roll
  • 1250 g/m2 - 166 cm wide - 30 m per roll
  • 1250 g/m2 - 140 cm wide - 30 m per roll

Organic Cotton - from controlled organic cultivation (kbA)

  • 840 g/m2 - 144 cm breit - 40 m per roll

On request also available in other versions.

cotton padding production KPC
Made in Germany

We produce our cotton padding in the heart of Offenburg using traditional "raschel" machines. Our interest in this product is significant as we have been using it for almost 50 years for our own saddle pads. We use card sliver and yarn with EU origin, and we also offer organic quality where desired.  We are also happy to assist you as a contract stitching and sewing facility in realising your product ideas.